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  MM-005 Crude J.H. Cutter Sole Agents- Earliest Variant.
  Here is a super strong example of the first "Circle Cutter". This glob top whiskey does not have the "A No.1" on the reverse shoulder. It is a medium amber ( lighter than the photos), and is very whittled and crude. The embossing is VERY bold, and all of the jewels are visible on the crown.
Condition is perfect save for a small inmaking stone on the reverse which is shown. There is a 1/8" line across the stone. Never cleaned, this is a nice quality piece of western glass. BUY NOW $ 225 or OFFER.

MM-006 Beautiful Uncleaned Western Soda- Babb
  Here is a deep teal colored 1850s California soda. This one has a lot of whittle effect, and is in a nice very deep color. Embossed " Babb & Co. San Francisco, Cal".The condition is amazing for a dug bottle with a little haze and a scuff or two. Never cleaned, this one is simply gorgeous and untouched with no damage. These gold rush sodas do not come much better. BUY NOW $ 495 or OFFER.

MM010 TOP EXAMPLE- Gun Wa's Chinese Remedy
  Here is the best example of the Gun Wa that I have ever seen. At one point, I owned 8 of these beauties and each one was a different color. This is the "holdout", and the finest specimen I have ever laid my eyes on. A gorgeous citrine coloration with loads of crudity, and a super crude applied top. The glass is crude and crinkled, and the condition is mint. Not a scratch, and never cleaned. They do not get any better and nobody has seen this bottle but the original collector ( passed away) and myself. I truly hate to sell it, and am happy keeping it in my collection. If you appreciate the best, here it is. BUY NOW $2375 or OFFER.

  MM-008 Western Star base Sixth With Original Label.
  Here is a rare labeled western star base sixth with an applied top. The color is "old amber" and the glass has a lot of character. This one was found under a house in Virginia City, Nevada in the 1970s along with two labeled Teakettles, and a labeled Newmark Gruenberg Old Judge. The label on this sixth is for "Old Blue Ribbon Whisky" and has nice graphics with a barrel and indicates "for family and medical use". There is a tiny bit of label loss at the top of the label, otherwise this is a mint condition whiskey. BUY NOW $325 or OFFER.

  RT921 Super Rare Laurel Crown Western Glob Top Fifth.
  Here is a top 10 western whiskey. This is the Laurel Crown and has a crude applied top. There are about 7 of these in collections and the never become available.This one has a dirt filled interior open bubble at the base on the reverse, fairly light embossing except at the bottom of the pattern. It has been cleaned otherwise is a solid example of this rare fifth. No scratching or wear. You just will not get many chances at an undamaged Laurel Crown!
Priced at 1/4 of book value. BUY NOW $3250 or OFFER.

MM-001 Super Gun Wa's Chinese Remedy.

  Here is the nicest example of this bottle in an amber tone that I have ever had or seen. This 8" applied top square is a gasoline/topaz / gold coloration. The top is huge and crude. Embossing reads " Gun Wa's Chinese Remedy, Warranted Entirely Vegetable and Harmless". This was an early cure for lost manhood and are super tough to find in this condition. Basically gem mint and never cleaned. A fantastic example and as nice as you can get in this color or any other! BUY NOW $1125 or OFFER

MM-004 Super Bubbly Gold Rush Soda- Babb.
  Everyone who has seen this soda calls it the "Bubbly Babb". This 1850s soda has an incredible amount of bubbles throughout. A total galaxy of bubbles! The top is crudely applied and the base is metallic pontiled( no iron remaining). Embossing reads "Babb & Co. San Francisco, Cal." Condition is excellent and MAY have been lightly wear, chips, flashes, or chips.A few light scratches. One of the bubbles inside the interior is open, and there is no cleaning residue. Overall a super color of dark green and nice whittle effect. BUY NOW $525 or OFFER.