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MZ-106 Beautiful Cornucopia/Urn Flask
  Here is a pristine mint pint size Cornucopia/Urn flask. The color is a golden olive and the embossing is bold. The base has an open pontil and overall the glass has a nice pebbly texture. Again, condition is gem mint. A great early flask. BUY NOW $185 or OFFER.

MZ107 Gorgeous "Seeing eye" Masonic flask.
  Here is a pretty pint flask with a nice open pontil. This flask has the embossed "eye" and "AD" on one side and a flexed arm with a star and "GRJA"
on the other. Condition is near mint with a couple of tiny spots of very light wear. A beautiful pint flask! BUY NOW $425 or OFFER.

  LCW-1011 Crude AAA Old Valley Whiskey Flask.
  Here is a super example of this popular San Francisco flask. This AAA Old Valley Whiskey is a deeper shaded golden amber with a crude applied top.
There is a huge drip inside the neck, and overall crudely applied top. The embossing is very bold, and the entire flask is absolutely hammered with whittle effect. Condition is about mint, and this one has never been cleaned. A very strong example! BUY NOW $1650 or OFFER.


  LCW-1012 Very Rare Chesley & Co. Jockey Club Whiskey S.F. Glob Top
  Here is a strong example of this very rare western sixth. This medium to darker "old amber" glob top is very boldly embossed, and has nice overall whittle effect to the glass. The condition is near mint, and never cleaned.  A great example of a VERY rare western whiskey! BUY NOW- $4250 or OFFER.