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KP-815 Light Yellow Cutter "Mid-Crown" Glob Top Whiskey.
  Here is a gorgeous light yellow, shading to light yellow amber fifth. This "Mid-Crown" Cutter has nice uneven thickness glass and a crooked neck. The embossing is bold, and the color is lighter than the photos depict.  Condition is near mint, with a few "no feel" light scratches. Never cleaned, the light yellow whiskey's really light up a shelf.BUY NOW $1100 or OFFER

KP-816 Super Nice E. Martin Shoulder Crown Cutter.
  Here is a pristine mint and strongly embossed J.H. Cutter E. Martin "
shoulder crown" glob top fifth. This one is a nice shaded amber and unlike the vast majority of these, has moderate whittle effect throughout the bottle. This one has the OK in a circle on the reverse shoulder. Condition is perfect, and it has never been cleaned. A beautiful and scarce western fifth. BUY NOW $ 1395 or OFFER.

MZ-001 Incredible Topaz Open Pontiled Ink- Benicia Effect
  First, I apologize for the photo quality, but "Benicia " glass is tough to photograph! This umbrella ink is a stunner! It has a nice open pontil and is covered with Benicia was dug there in the 1960s. The glass color is a beautiful yellow topaz. The ink is completely problem free. A spectacular umbrella! BUY NOW $875 or OFFER.

MZ-002 Beautiful Pontiled "Benicia" Effect Cone Ink.
  Here is a gorgeous open pontiled cone ink found in Benicia in the 1960s.
This forest green cone ink has a rolled over lip, and is completely covered in "Benicia" effect. Condition is problem free. A sweet colored ink! BUY NOW $ 1100 or OFFER.

  MZ-003 Amazing Green Umbrella with Super "Bird Swing"
  Here is another great umbrella ink dug in San Francisco. This moss/olive/ forest green ink has a jagged open pontil and nice crudity. There is a super gloppy "bird swing" inside which really adds character to the piece.  Condition is near mint plus with a few grains of dirt inside. Perfect condition. BUY NOW $ 595 or OFFER.

MZ-004 Rare and Early Pitkin Flask.
  Here is a slightly oversized pitkin flask. This one is 7" tall with an open pontil. The color is a clear forest green, and the impression is very nice. This one is a slightly flattened form and in mint condition. This is a fresh to the collector market find, being collected in the 1950s and boxed up for 45 years. A beautiful flask. BUY NOW $2550 or OFFER.

NOTE: This Pitkin flask was directly purchased in 1957 from Helen McKearin, and has not been offered since then.

MZ-005 GIX-12a Scroll Flask- Olive Green
  Here is a beautiful pint scroll flask in a moss/olive green. Open pontil.  The color is more dense in half of the flask, and lighter in the other.  Condition is about perfect with some LIGHT wear on one star. Otherwise a sparkling perfect flask. BUY NOW $1575 or OFFER.