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KP-815 Light Yellow Cutter "Mid-Crown" Glob Top Whiskey.
  Here is a gorgeous light yellow, shading to light yellow amber fifth. This "Mid-Crown" Cutter has nice uneven thickness glass and a crooked neck. The embossing is bold, and the color is lighter than the photos depict.  Condition is near mint, with a few "no feel" light scratches. Never cleaned, the light yellow whiskey's really light up a shelf.BUY NOW $1100 or OFFER

KP-816 Super Nice E. Martin Shoulder Crown Cutter.
  Here is a pristine mint and strongly embossed J.H. Cutter E. Martin "
shoulder crown" glob top fifth. This one is a nice shaded amber and unlike the vast majority of these, has moderate whittle effect throughout the bottle. This one has the OK in a circle on the reverse shoulder. Condition is perfect, and it has never been cleaned. A beautiful and scarce western fifth. BUY NOW $ 1395 or OFFER.

MZ-011 Rare Baltimore Torpedo Soda.
  Here is an amazing condition "torpedo" style soda found in San Francisco over 50 years ago. This  8 3/4" tall soda dates from the 1840s and is in remarkable near mint condition with maybe a light scratch or two keeping in from being mint! Embossed "Boyd" and "Balt". Color is a darker green with a crude applied taper top. A killer early soda! BUY NOW $ 2150 or OFFER.

MZ-004 Rare and Early Pitkin Flask.
  Here is a slightly oversized pitkin flask. This one is 7" tall with an open pontil. The color is a clear forest green, and the impression is very nice. This one is a slightly flattened form and in mint condition. This is a fresh to the collector market find, being collected in the 1950s and boxed up for 45 years. A beautiful flask. BUY NOW $895 or OFFER.

NOTE: This Pitkin flask was directly purchased in 1957 from Helen McKearin, and has not been offered since then.

MZ-009 Gorgeous Topaz Amber Success to the Railroad Flask.
  Here is a crude and bubbly pint "Success to the Railroad" flask in a beautiful golden topaz amber color. This example has an open pontil and is in beautiful condition with some light wear on the highest of the highpoints. A beautiful flask in a great color! BUY NOW $625 or OFFER.

MZ-010 Beautiful Eagle - Cornucopia Pint Flask.
  Here is a pristine and crude pint Eagle-Cornucopia flask in a clear olive green. This flask has a nice open pontil and very crude glass texture, trails of bubbles, and folding of glass in the neck. Virtually no wear, this flask is a beauty! BUY NOW $475 or OFFER.

MZ-008 Pretty Chestnut Style Flask.
  Here is a pretty and delicate chestnut. The color is a golden-olive with great clarity and lightness. This piece is 7 1/2" tall with an open pontil and super crude top. Other than some light scratches, this chestnut is pristine with no damage. A beautiful and EARLY flask. BUY NOW $ 575 or OFFER.