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RT-715 Crude Renz's Blackberry Brandy- Glob Top Fifth
  Here is a strong example of this tough San Francisco fifth. This amber cylinder has a large applied top and thick, crude glass. Embossed " Renz's Blackberry Brandy". Condition is gem mint, and never cleaned. Nice bubbles and character. A great fifth! BUY NOW $1875 or OFFER.

LW-714  Early JF Cutter Glob Top Whiskey.
  Here is a great example of this early 1870s San Francisco whiskey. This is the "pointed A" variant and it has a large applied top. The color is a variated and rich amber with nice early glass character. This example was dug in Sacramento in 1994. Condition is near mint plus and has never been cleaned. A nice western whiskey! BUY NOW $400 or OFFER.

MD-2014 Super Example Glob Top Fifth. Pioneer Bear
  Here is a fantastic example of this ever popular San Francisco whiskey.
This amber fifth has a crooked neck and drippy applied top. It is embossed "Wm. H. Spears & Co.Old Pioneer Whiskey ( Bear) A. Fenkhausen & Co.Sole Agents, S.F." The embossing on this one is very bold, and not washed out like the majority of these. This one has only the tiny 1/2" X 1/2" mold patch on the reverse, and not the large mold repair like almost all of these. As a matter of fact, the more rare "Two Named bear" has this particular feature leading me to believe this is the earliest version of the "One Named bear". The sharp embossing confirms this too. Condition is about mint with no damage...not even a scratch. Never cleaned, there is only a small 1/8" onion skin bubble on the base edge...this is a super example of this whiskey. BUY NOW $2275 or OFFER.

MB-0521 Beautiful London Jockey Clubhouse Gin.
  Here is a California Gold Country find! This beautiful emerald green square is crude with a tapered top and perfect metallic pontil. Embossing reads " London Jockey Clubhouse Gin"- With horse and rider. This one has the backwards "N"s and is in sparkling condition. A couple of light scratches and a TEENY potstone ( about pin head sized" with two 1mm or less tails.  Overall a stunning example of California Gold Rush history! BUY NOW $3000 or OFFER.

KP-814 Beautiful J.F. Cutter Flask.
  Here is one several of you have been asking for. This is a super example of the star in shield flask! This variated amber pint flask has a crude single roll top and very bold embossing. The vast majority of these have weak embossing towards the top of the pattern but not this one! Overall condition is near mint plus, and it has never been cleaned. A strong example of this very desirable flask. BUY NOW $ 2350 or OFFER.

KP-815 Light Yellow Cutter "Mid-Crown" Glob Top Whiskey.
  Here is a gorgeous light yellow, shading to light yellow amber fifth. This "Mid-Crown" Cutter has nice uneven thickness glass and a crooked neck. The embossing is bold, and the color is lighter than the photos depict.  Condition is near mint, with a few "no feel" light scratches. Never cleaned, the light yellow whiskey's really light up a shelf.BUY NOW $1100 or OFFER

KP-816 Super Nice E. Martin Shoulder Crown Cutter.
  Here is a pristine mint and strongly embossed J.H. Cutter E. Martin "
shoulder crown" glob top fifth. This one is a nice shaded amber and unlike the vast majority of these, has moderate whittle effect throughout the bottle. This one has the OK in a circle on the reverse shoulder. Condition is perfect, and it has never been cleaned. A beautiful and scarce western fifth. BUY NOW $ 1395 or OFFER.